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Himalayan Velocity Films, Media/Production house involved in making Short, Documentary Films, Commercial Advertisements. The first film of our in-house production was“No Woman’s Land", a documentary film based on property rights of Tribal Women in the State of Himachal Pradesh. This Film won many national and international awards. The originality of the subject and our key media experts made this marvelous documentary film. Besides this our media house makes documentaries and features for television channels in India. These are mostly based on the myth, art, and culture of India. There is a lot of diversity in the cultural, linguistic, and geography of Himachal Pradesh, which makes it unique from other states. This quality attracts a no. of research scholars to the state. Film making is one of the exceptional forms of art which mankind has discovered. It is the rare art in the World which captures the three senses sight, hearing, and intuition of human consciousness. Himalayan Velocity Films focuses on the promotion of Himalayan Culture to the World through films.

Himalayan Velocity Films aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the Himalayan Culture, Flora  & Fauna in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces. The sole intent of Himalayan Velocity Films is to identify, locate and retrieve Himalayan landraces that have not yet been studied, in order to further enhance knowledge of the Himalayan Culture. We feel it is our duty to preserve and make popular Himalayan Culture for the sole purpose of scientific research and its existence. Himalayan Velocity Films have the defined and limited purpose of information to the general public. Himalayan Velocity does not endorse or promote illegal activities of any kind.

Himachal Pradesh has very little representation in any film festival organized anywhere in India or abroad. The film industry in our state is in its initial phase of growth. Our Director is the Alumni of Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, and is associated with many documentary projects and other corporate houses and film producers. A documentary film “No Woman’s Land”was the debut film of the Director - Dr. Dev Kanya Thakurwhich received huge applauds from the film fraternity. This film won many national and international awards. Besides this “Valley of Gods“ & “Faagli”is also among our remarkable films.

Our Latest short fiction is"Laal Hota Drakhat"  (The Reddening Tree) - Directed by Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur This film is about a Brahmin family who has to marry their daughter and a peepal tree and how they suffer because of this ritual and how their young daughter tries to rescue her family out of this dilemma.
This film talks about those people who are socially in a higher position but due to religious rituals and financial backwardness they are suffering. We all talk about women issues, communal rights, and all other social dilemmas, but nobody talks about the problems of those people who are socially at a higher level.

We also organize the "International Film Festival of Shimla"every year. We have successfully organized six (6) editions of the  IFFS  till Year 2021. 
​The first-ever International Film Festival of Shimla for Documentary, Short, Feature and Animation Films, Music Videos was held in the year Oct 2015. The city of Shimla is the permanent venue of the festival. The festival is a unique venture in India and is being organized by the Himalayan Velocity in collaboration with the Department of Language & Culture (LAC), Government of Himachal Pradesh as part of its endeavor to catalyze a vibrant Documentary, Short film, Animation, and Music videos movement. Increasing accessibility and affordability of media technology have led to a boom in the production and scope of films. The media is now used by image-makers from all walks of life to express, experiment, learn and as an effective tool to communicate and bring about social change. The mission of this film festival is to showcase the world’s best cinema and develop taste for good cinema among the youths and provide a platform for Independent Filmmakers.

Our screenplay writers are very renowned journalists and are freelancing for national dailies as well as magazines.
We are well equipped with modern cinematographic technologies and with a very good technical team.